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SubjectRe: sleeping functions called in invalid context during resume

> > I have no idea what causes:
> >
> > APIC error on CPU0: 00(00)
> >
> > Is it an ACPI problem?

What CPU/chipset?

> Strange. x86_64 has that stray exit_idle() in smp_error_interrupt() but
> afaict it won't cause this to happen.
> What's that idle_notifier doing in x86_64 anyway?

I originally added it for my (now abandoned in favour of dyntick) noidletick
implementation. I would have removed it again, but perfmon plans to use it
too and I suspect dyntick will too (?)

> It appears to have no
> users. If there _is_ a user, and if its IDLE_END handler is altering the
> preempt-count then perhaps there's your explanation.

There shouldn't be a user currently in tree.

> But it all appears to be dead code to me.

Right now it is yes.


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