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SubjectRe: [PATCH] usb: generic calibration support
> I believe tslib handles this.

The special X server "KDrive" supports tslib, this is used in
many embedded projects, e.g. by images created via But mainline server, e.g.
what is in Debian unstable (7.1.0), doesn't support tslib.

Also I don't know if X/tslib allows re-calibration on-the-fly,
but I guess it does. However, tslib usually does not work via
the input subsystem (/dev/input/eventX is just one of them),
most devices use proprietary kernel interfaces.

Qt/Embedded for Qt 2 and Qt 3 doesn't handle tslib
out-of-the-box, (heck, the don't even know
about /dev/input/eventX), but patches exist.

But I think we can stop this thread now :-)
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