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SubjectRe: [patch, -rc6] x86_64: UP build fixes

* Andi Kleen <> wrote:

> > my hotplug-CPU cleanup patch solves this in a cleaner way: by
> > removing all those #ifdefs as well.
> Fine, but I suspect that late in the release it's better to go for
> minimal "obvious" fixes. Later it can then be cleaned up properly.

we are not /that/ late to not apply trivial cleanups. If my patch breaks
anything then it's easy enough to fix it. But 'lets clean this up later'
is bound to be forgotten and puts the onus on the person doing the
cleanups. You yourself have sent more complex partly-cleanup patches
upstream just 2 days ago:

[PATCH for 2.6.19] [8/9] x86_64: Fix vgetcpu when CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU is disabled

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