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SubjectRe: strange behaviour with x86_64
On 2006-11-15, Fabio Coatti wrote:
> Hi all,

I'm just trying to move things forward, i'm not a developer.

> I'm seeing a strange behaviour on a dual opteron machine (or, at least it seem
> so to me) and I need some advice.
> The hardware is: dual opteron 2.4, dual core, 2GB ram
> This machine runs apache webserver/mod_perl. Due to some bug in perl code,
> often the machine runs out of memory, and oomkiller triggers.

You seem to run very interesting distribution; when reporting
*kernel* bugs (things), try to follow REPORTING-BUGS (in top dir. of kernel
sources): version (ver_linux), adding to CC list memory management
list from MAINTAINERS file.

As for me, kernel in oom condition is very bad thing. I don't think
"oom killer" idea is working in general (while it helps to link
allyesconfig kernel on 1G without swap ;).

Thus, i suggest you to play with stuff, described in

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