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SubjectAW: Promise SATA vendor drivers uploaded
> To further assist anyone wishing to hack on sata_promise.c, I just 
> uploaded the long-since-GPL'd vendor drivers for Generation-I and
> Generation-II chipsets to
> This should help with isolating the proper initialization
> sequence for a given set of chips, particularly.
> If someone knows of updated versions of these GPL'd drivers,
> please let me know.

The uploaded versions seem to be version for kernel 2.4 only.

The newest version (for sataII TX4/300, TX4/150 and friends) I find on
the promise website is for the 2.6 kernel series; not much
newer though, the files are timestamped 2005-07-05.

Also: I'm not quite sure about the license: while the top level files
are GPL, the stuff in cam/ subdirectory seems to have a differenc

* Copyright (c) 2002 Promise Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.
* No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form
* by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the
* express written permission of Promise Technology, Inc.

Same license appears in the archives you uploaded to sourceforge btw.

I had been using the promise drivers for quite some time on 2.6.13
because I needed the hotplug functionality - didn't work reliably
though, used to crash the kernel with about 25% probability when
connecting new drives.

Finaly gave up a few days ago, got a SiI 3114 based controller and
upgraded to 2.6.18 which has the new eh and hotplug for that chipset.

Bye, Martin
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