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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Fwd: [Suspend-devel] resume not working on acer ferrari 4005 with radeonfb enabled

> >
> > Well, if you acquire the console sem you need to release it too :-)
> Or the console semaphore is acquired too many times.
> Christian, could you please add release_console_sem() before 'return 0'
> and see if that makes the code work again? If not, could you add a
> printk() in kernel/printk.c/acquire_console_sem() to see how many times it
> is called?

Ok, I did that and the machine resumes OK. Now I have the impression that
accessing the rinfo struct here:

if (pdev->dev.power.power_state.event == PM_EVENT_SUSPEND) {
/* Wakeup chip. Check from config space if we were powered off
* (todo: additionally, check CLK_PIN_CNTL too)
if ((rinfo->pm_mode & radeon_pm_off) &&
radeon_restore_pci_cfg(rinfo)) {
if (rinfo->reinit_func != NULL) {
else {
goto bail;
/* If we support D2, try to resume... we should check what was
* state though... (were we really in D2 state ?). Right now,
this code
* is only enable on Macs so it's fine.
else if (rinfo->pm_mode & radeon_pm_d2){
radeon_set_suspend(rinfo, 0);
rinfo->asleep = 0; ////makes it crash
} else {

makes the resume fail. The machine locks up. I started xorg without drm/dri
and then it goes a little further and locks up in the next steps:

/* Restore display & engine */
radeon_write_mode (rinfo, &rinfo->state, 1);

But it starts to get too complicated for me :(

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