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SubjectRe: [PATCH take 2] Atmel MACB ethernet driver
Haavard Skinnemoen wrote:
> Driver for the Atmel MACB on-chip ethernet module.
> Tested on AVR32/AT32AP7000/ATSTK1000. I've heard rumours that it works
> with AT91SAM9260 as well, and it may be possible to share some code with
> the at91_ether driver for AT91RM9200.

It seems to work with AT91SAM9260, but unfortunately not without
problems. I occasionally get TX underrun errors, mostly while
transferring some large files. The same thing happens with driver
provided by TimeSys in their AT91SAM9260-enabled Linux distribution
recommended by Atmel (both drivers share the codebase). Is there
anything I can check by myself (without an ICE) to see what's wrong?
Some printk() in macb_tx() maybe?

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