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SubjectRe: When is the kernel moving to GPLv3? (probably feeding a troll :)
Lennart Sorensen wrote:

>The "consensus" seems to be: The kernel is currently GPLv2 (and nothing
>else) and changing that is almost an imposible task, and the majority of
>the major active contributers also don't seem interested in considering
>the GPLv3 in its current form. It really seems to be that simple.
>Some people claim Novell's "Deal" isn't even permitted under the GPLv2,
>or that the "Deal" has no meaning or purpose at all.

There exists sufficient precedence and case law to assert this position
as accurate. It would take
a patent infringement case where GPL code was being distributed to
establish it as a matter of law.
I can guarantee Novell and M$ will avoid any such suit for that very reason.

It may all be moot and not really matter, other than for FUD factor by


>Len Sorensen

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