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SubjectRe: RFC -- /proc/patches to track development
On Wednesday 15 November 2006 02:17, Marty Leisner wrote:
> I always want to know WHAT I'm running (or people I'm working with
> are running) rather than "guessing" ("do you have the most current
> patch" "I think so")
> I've been a proponent of capturing .config information SOMEPLACE where
> you can look at it at runtime...(it took a while but its there now).
> In /proc/patches there would be a series of comments (perhaps including
> file, date and time) of various patches you want to monitor.

I prepared such a patch [0] some time ago. It makes the file .patches in
kernel source tree available via /proc/patches.gz. Read the discussion on
lkml [1] to get more information. It still appies to actual kernels.

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