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SubjectRe: [Madwifi-devel] ANNOUNCE: SFLC helps developers assess ar5k (enabling free Atheros HAL)

> At least, this way we have a chance to get USB working as well (See

It's not the HAL that prevents MadWifi implementing USB support. Replacing
the binary-only HAL with OpenHAL and/or dissolving the HAL functionality
in the driver source does not get us any closer to a working support of
USB sticks.

Quoting Sam Leffler on that topic:

=== cut ===
The Atheros-based USB devices work rather differently from the
cardbus/pci cards. In particular there is no hal; instead there's an
onboard processor that runs the hal and implements a special protocol.
This means you can reuse some of madwifi but you also (probably) need to
redo the code some to break out different interfaces. It's not a simple
=== cut ===


> OpenBSD seems to have a working driver (if_uath.c) for these USB WLAN
> sticks.

Which, at least for some sticks, requires a not freely distributable
binary firmware blob, by the way (see: ).
Nevertheless, it would be nice to have that driver ported to Linux.

Bye, Mike

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