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SubjectRe: How to interpret MCE messages?
also sprach Alan Cox <> [2006.11.08.1729 +0100]:
> > Before I go out and buy a new motherboard (as I assume that it's
> > a L1/L2 cache problem),
> L1/L2 cache are on the CPU these days. Double check with the
> processor docs and vendor but I think mcelog is actually trying to
> tell you that the CPU wants to be warranty returned. It might also
> of course be a heat problem.

I've cleaned the fan and cooler and put a huge fan next to the open
case, blowing any heat out of it. I saw the errors again, even
without any load.

Thus I guess the CPU is asking for retirement. I am just
double-checking with you guys whether I can be sure that it's only
the CPU, or whether it could also be the fault of the motherboard...


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