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SubjectRe: Majordomo is an obsolete piece of junk and Kernel should not be running it!
On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 08:23:35PM -0800, Marc Perkel wrote:

> This is the only list I get booted from so that makes
> me think the problem is with the list and not with me.
> It seems that you are also using 12 year old software
> as well. Why not get something modern like Mailman
> like most other lists use and then you don't have to
> be watching the bounces?
> The problem is that you are running Majordomo which in
> it's day was great, but is day has passed.

Feel free to start your own maillist. And do whatever the bleeding
fsck you want to do there.

> The bottom line is that you keep booting me off for
> minor problems.

Such as being an obnoxious luser?

> I would think that you should fix it.

FWIW, so do I - and I'm amazed by the mildness of corrective
measures taken so far.

What Would Simon Do?
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