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SubjectRe: sleeping functions called in invalid context during resume

* Stephen Hemminger <> wrote:

> > The patch below makes use of that capability of lockdep for all
> > stackdumps that are printed to the console. Stephen, please apply
> > this patch, enable CONFIG_PROVE_LOCKING and try to trigger another
> > message.
> I tried but with CONFIG_PROVE_LOCKING, resume gets stuck in an
> infinite loop backtracing to the console. Unfortunately, the serial
> console isn't up at that point so it it isn't capturable.

hm - could you change the stack- UNWIND option (to on or off) to see
whether that makes a difference? If it doesnt help, could you try
CONFIG_DISABLE_CONSOLE_SUSPEND [but that might hang your resume earlier
than the bug triggers].

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