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SubjectRe: Kernel list rejecting my email - braindead list
From: Marc Perkel <>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 19:12:56 -0800 (PST)

> So what? Yes sometimes the spam coming through this
> list triggers a bounce. So what?

I verified each and every time that I removed you (at least 6 or 7
seperate occaisions) that your site was bouncing repeatedly for
completely normal postings, not spam.

And I don't remove when you bounce "once", I do it when your address
generates a series of bounces that doesn't look like it will end any
time soon.

You've had to resubscribe multiple times, at what point would it have
occured you to ask postmaster here what the problem was so that you
could go ahead and correct it?

Your address caused problems on a continual and repeated basis.
We're not talking about isolated bounces.

Anyways, all of this talk is about you defending yourself. There has
been no talk so far of correcting the problem, what you're going to do
in the future to prevent this from reoccuring so that I can remove the
block of your email address.

And a maybe even a nice little "sorry about that".

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