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SubjectRe: Kernel list rejecting my email - braindead list

--- David Miller <> wrote:

> From: Marc Perkel <>
> Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 16:54:25 -0800 (PST)
> > So you are banning me from the list because my
> server
> > returned a 421 temporary error? You have to be out
> of
> > your fucking mind!
> >
> > 1136501663 davem linux-kernel 421
> > Lost incoming connection: The error was detected
> in
> > line 3.
> Your site was generating 500 errors too.
> But that's not the reason I banned you.
> The reason I banned you, and I apply this rule
> consistently, is that
> you ignored when you were removed from the list.
> Instead of
> contacting the postmaster and asking why, you just
> blindly
> resubscribed yourself again.
> When we remove you, we do it because your email
> address really is
> bouncing.
> One should always contact the postmaster for more
> information when
> they are unsubscribed from the mailing list.

So what? Yes sometimes the spam coming through this
list triggers a bounce. So what? What is an occasional
bounce message a problem for you? Why don't you just
ignore a few bounces? The list seems to be far more
tollerant of spam than it is if a message bounces
every now and then.

majordomo is an ancient piece of software. I don't
understand why this list doesn't use a more modern
platform like Mailman that automatically deal with
bounce processing. It tracks bounces and it can tell
if a message is a fluke bounce or if an email address
it permanently down. For some reason you are making a
huge deal over nothing. You act as if a bounce is a

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