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SubjectRe: ACPI output/lcd/auxdisplay mess

> Well, we were aware of video/backlight/* (read below). Anyway,
> auxdisplay doesn't create a class; it did in first versions, but right
> now it behaves just like a framebuffer, no classes in the playground
> (maybe you read a old version?).
> However, auxdisplay means "auxiliary display device drivers", not _the
> display_. In such folder we can put every
> auxiliar-optional-secundary-rare display (not just LCDs, framebuffers,
> ...) who has special requirements (like parport wiring, fixed refresh
> rate, different properties...). Also, things like "set_contrast",
> "max_constrast", "set_power"... didn't seem very appropriate.

Is it a framebuffer device ? The framebuffer layer is abstracted to work
with such devices.
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