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SubjectRe: proposal: remove unused macros
On Tuesday 14 November 2006 06:18, Horst H. von Brand wrote:
>Gene Heskett <> wrote:
>> With regard to your parens checking code, I re-wrote from a broken
>> version, about 20 years ago, a utility to check all that. I used it
>> on the coco/os9 systems at the time, then built it for the amiga, and
>> rebuilt it for linux a few years back. It checks brackets, quotes in
>> " style and ' style and ;, etc stuff. I called mine cntx, and I've
>> used it occasionally here, but haven't had the need/urge to test any
>> kernel code with it so far.
>> If anyone is interested, and the list will take attachments of that
>> nature, I'd be honored to share it. What say you all?
>I'd be interested. Licensing terms? GPLv2, BSD, ...?

Generally PD, I didn't change that. I'll send a copy to your address.

Cheers, Gene
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