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    Subjectproposal: remove unused macros

    Recently someone send a patch that fixed some old '#ifdef'ed code with syntax
    error (stray brackets). The broken code was there for a long time and nobody
    saw that. I digged some more and wrote a simple program that counted '('
    and ')' in the kernel code that emits apropriate text if for a given file
    both numbers differ. That is probably dumb idea but it worked :-) Quite fast
    I found a dozen of broken macros with syntax errors etc. All of those macros
    are unused. I digged a bit deeper and used '-Wunused-macros' flag which with
    causes 8340 new warnings to be emited for 2.6.19-rc5-mm1 with 'allmodconfig'.
    For sure there are false positives (see gcc man page) but even if i.e. 50% of
    them are fp then we still have around 4k of unused macros scattered around
    the tree.

    To me this is a dead code. I can review the code causing these warnings and
    prepare patches 'per subsystem' or whatever to address this issue. That is if
    nobody opposes.

    Mariusz Kozlowski
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