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SubjectRe: [patch/rfc 2.6.19-rc5] arch-neutral GPIO calls

David Brownell wrote:

>I know there have been discussions about standardizing GPIOs before,
>but nothing quite "took". One of the more recent ones was
>Below, find what I think is a useful proposal, trivially implementable on
>many ARMs (at91, omap, pxa, ep93xx, ixp2000, pnx4008, davinci, more) as well
>as the new AVR32.
>Compared to the proposal above, key differences include:

Excellent proposal, I think it should be implemented as-is. I don't
care that this proposal only works for "real" GPIOs, and doesn't provide
for a userspace API.

At its worst, this proposal offers an intermediate step towards a
framework that can do both synchronous/real and asynchronous GPIO
control. At its best, provides a starting point for that framework AND
a much-needed unification in an API that could really use cleaning up
TODAY. No downside, in my opinion.


Bill Gatliff

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