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SubjectRe: touch_cache() only touches two thirds

> The corrected code in <>
> covers the full cache range. Granted that modern CPUs may be able to track
> multiple simultaneous cache access streams: how many such streams are they
> likely to be able to follow at once? It seems like going from 1 to 2 would
> be a big win, 2 to 3 a small win, beyond that it wouldn't likely make much
> incremental difference. So what do the actual implementations in the field
> support?

I remember reading at some point that a POWER4 could track at least 5+ parallel
streams. I don't know how many K8 handles, but it is multiple too at least
(forward and backwards)

I don't have more data, but at least the newer Intel CPUs seem to be also
very good at prefetching and when you look at a die photo the L/S unit
in general is quite big. More than 6 streams handled is certainly a

I guess it could be figured out with some clever benchmarking.
> The code (original and corrected) uses 6 simultaneous streams.

My gut feeling is that this is not enough.

> I have a modified version that takes a `ways' parameter to use an arbitrary
> number of streams. I'll post that onto

Post it to the list please.


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