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SubjectRe: [take22 0/4] kevent: Generic event handling mechanism.

> > > Generic event handling mechanism.
> > >
> > > Consider for inclusion.
> > >
> > > Changes from 'take21' patchset:
> >
> > We are not interrested in how many times you spammed us, nor we want
> > to know what was wrong in previous versions. It would be nice to have
> > short summary of what this is good for, instead.
> Let me guess, short explaination in subsequent emails is not
> enough...


> Kevent is a generic subsytem which allows to handle event notifications.
> It supports both level and edge triggered events. It is similar to
> poll/epoll in some cases, but it is more scalable, it is faster and
> allows to work with essentially eny kind of events.

Quantifying "how much more scalable" would be nice, as would be some
example where it is useful. ("It makes my webserver twice as fast on
monster 64-cpu box").

> Events are provided into kernel through control syscall and can be read
> back through mmaped ring or syscall.
> Kevent update (i.e. readiness switching) happens directly from internals
> of the appropriate state machine of the underlying subsytem (like
> network, filesystem, timer or any other).
> I will put that text into introduction message.

(cesky, pictures)
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