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    SubjectRe: BIOS THRM-Throttling and driver timings

    > > We have a motherboard that has Thermal Throttling in the BIOS (which
    > > we cannot disable). This causes the CPU usage to go up and down when
    > > the CPU temperature reaches (and stays around) the Throttling
    > > temperature point.
    > >
    > > What we would like to know is whether this will affect the timings in
    > > drivers, eg the wireless drivers we are using. What can we check in
    > > drivers' code that will tell us that its operations may be affected
    > > the throttling?
    > >
    > > In the past few days, we noticed that some of the linux units we
    > > deployed freezes after deveral hours of operation, we are now trying
    > > to reproduce the problem in our test environment. Some insight on the
    > > affect of throttling will help us narrow down the search.

    > in general linux should be ok with this happening. However for specific
    > cases... you'll need to provide more information; you're not
    > mentioning

    Really? AFAICT P4 will happily slow down behind our backs, making at
    least udelays() with interrupts disabled sleep for too long.

    > (also: if you actually HIT throttling, there is something very very
    > wrong; you're not supposed to hit that unless the fan is defective, but
    > never in "normal" healthy operation. If you do hit it without hardware
    > defects then there is most likely a fundamental airflow problem you'll
    > want to fix urgently)

    At least in toshiba notebook, I was hitting thermal throttling even
    through both fans were okay. There are many misdesigned machines out
    there, I fear.

    (cesky, pictures)
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