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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] minimal alpha pt_regs fixes

    On Sat, 7 Oct 2006, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > ACK, of course, but I wonder if we can do something about these 1-line header
    > files.
    > Would it be reasonable to encourage developers to do something like
    > #include <asm/foo.h>
    > #else
    > #include <asm-generic/foo.h>
    > #endif
    > to avoid these 1-line headers?

    I actually think that _unconditional_ simple code is much nicer than
    conditional one.

    With the current setup, we have a number of one-line trivial headers
    (which actually could be symlinks - the only downside of that is that
    regular "patch" doesn't really know about them, even if git does, and can
    handle them, including the "extended git patch" format). They are
    unconditional, so following them never implies having to grep for
    different architectures doing different things.

    I personally absolutely detest the "ARCH_HAVE_FEATURE_FOO" kind of thing
    that makes different architectures behave differently. I'd much rather
    have a few small and simple files that all look the same and are totally
    obvious, except for the odd architecture that actually caused the
    arch-split in the first place.

    (Also, if the files really _are_ entirely identical, at least it won't add
    any overhead at all to git - they'll all use the same backing store)

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