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Subject[PATCH, RAW] IRQ: Maintain irq number globally rather than passing to IRQ handlers
Here is the raw, un-split-up first pass of the irq argument removal 
patch (500K):


* raw first pass, DO NOT APPLY.

* this was useful work: it turned up several minor bugs

* Do we mark irq handlers FASTCALL? If not, we probably can now.

* I also turned up a few obvious places that dhowells missed in his
pt_regs patch, inevitably in non-x86 arches that probably were not built.

* I need to fix up ~10 or so drivers that called their interrupt
handlers directly, then used a 'irq == 0' test to determine whether the
interrupt handler was called internally, or by the system.

* not sure yet if I want to mark the parport "irq handler" functions as
truly irqreturn_t

* Hopefully I will have this polished by the end of the day.

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