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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Cast removal

>> > > I'm okay applying this patch it touches the linux-specific
>> > > drivers/acpi/* files only, no ACPICA files.
>> >
>> > Why?
>> Why am I okay with it?
>No, I meant why not clean up ACPICA too?

I was about to go through the whole kernel base for anti-casting. Sounds
like a big task, and probably is. I just did not want to do it all at
once and send a mega-patch. Instead, a per-directory walk seems best to
me, and granted, "dispatcher events executer hardware namespace" and all
the other directories under drivers/acpi/ were supposed to be the next
to be examined for casts.
Though if you have problems with that because compiling with ugh,
old or broken, compilers, be my guest.
"""If your compiler requires a cast, you are using a C++ compiler."""
Is that the case?

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