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SubjectRe: [discuss] Re: Please pull x86-64 bug fixes

> In other words, right now we have
> int pci_read_config_byte(struct pci_dev *dev, int where, u8 *val)
> and maybe we will simply have to add a totally new function like
> int pci_read_mmio_config_byte(struct pci_dev *dev, int where, u8 *val)
> for drivers that literally _require_ the mmio accesses for one reason or
> another.

That's easy to decide: if (where >= 256) mmconfig is required.

I'm just afraid it probably won't help if the MCFG is totally broken and
points to some other devices (like on the Intel boards). Then these drivers will
just hang and all of Alan's warning messages won't help with that.

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