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SubjectRe: forcedeth net driver: reverse mac address after pxe boot
On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 05:19:20PM +0100, Alex Owen wrote:

> The obvious fix for this is to try and read the MAC address from the
> canonical location... ie where is the source of the address writen
> into the controlers registers at power on? But do we know where that
> may be?

This seems like The Right Thing (TM) to me, but we need someone from
NVidia(?) to provide that information. Ayaz?

> The other solution would be unconditionally reset the controler to
> it's power on state then use the current logic? can we reset the
> controller via software?

This seems like a plausible alternative.

The MAC address validation schemes suggested by others would probably
"work", but they would be a bit fragile. For example, every new vendor
of forcedeth hardware would have a new OUI to be added to the list.

John W. Linville
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