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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Cast removal
    On Thursday 05 October 2006 00:12, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > On Wed, 4 Oct 2006 23:56:02 -0400
    > Len Brown <> wrote:
    > > I'm okay applying this patch it touches the linux-specific
    > > drivers/acpi/* files only, no ACPICA files.
    > Why?

    Why am I okay with it?
    I'm okay with it because it touches files in drivers/acpi/*.c
    Those files are Linux specific, and thus no problem
    doing with them what we do with any other
    Linux file.

    > Would it help if it was split into two?

    no need to, as the patch didn't touch ACPICA files.

    > How do mortals distinguish ACPICA files from Linux files?

    the sub-directories under drivers/acpi are ACPICA files.
    They have a dual BSD/GPL license on them.
    I've though of making an acpica sub-directory
    to make this really clear, but there never seems to be
    a good time to do stuff like that...

    > > But I don't know if Linus will want changes like this post -rc1.
    > > It might be a pain to have in the tree all the way to 2.6.20 opens b/c
    > > it is sure to cause merge conflicts
    > Should be OK - the acpi tree is very slow-changing at present. Or did you
    > have big changes planned?

    Okay, I've applied it, dealt with the conflicts,
    and I'll send an -rc1 batch this week.

    > Or I can maintain it externally along with the 10-20 other acpi patches I
    > seem to be regularly stuck with (hint ;)

    no need to.

    If maintaining individual ACPI-related patches in -mm is a burden,
    then refuse to. While I'll never be able to match your latency,
    I'm okay with it either way -- as I think either way the the
    right thing happens in the long run.

    > > -- and at the end of the day
    > > the benefit of this patch is what? A few less characters in the source...
    > >
    > yes, cleanups are a pain, and we do a lot of them. And we merge just about
    > all of them. But I think it's best in the long run; and we are in this for
    > the long run.

    Okay, thanks,
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