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Subject[Q] missing ->d_delete() in shrink_dcache_for_umount()?

Vasily Averin wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I would like to ask you clarify me one question in the the following patch:
> # ChangeSet
> # 2006/06/22 15:05:57-07:00
> # [PATCH] Fix dcache race during umount
> # If prune_dcache finds a dentry that it cannot free, it leaves it where it
> # is (at the tail of the list) and exits, on the assumption that some other
> # thread will be removing that dentry soon.

It looks like I've noticed yet one suspicious place in your patch. As far as I
see you have removed dput(root) call in shrink_dcache_for_umount() function.
However I would note that dput contains ->d_delete() call that is missing in
your function:

if (dentry->d_op && dentry->d_op->d_delete) {
if (dentry->d_op->d_delete(dentry))
goto unhash_it;

I'm not sure but it seems to me some (probably out-of-tree) filesystems can do
something useful in this place.

Thank you,
Vasily Averin
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