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SubjectRe: Spam, bogofilter, etc
On Monday October 2, wrote:
> it sure would be nice if posting were subscribers-only.

How about adding a header to messages posted by non-subscribers
X-vger-kernel-org: non-subscriber

and maybe even a different footer:

This mail was from a non-subscriber and may not have reached all

Then people who think the list should be subscriber-only could enforce
that locally, and people who want to be more broad-minded still have
that option.

Then something like:
IF it is from a subscriber
OR it has a subject mentioning my area of interest
THEN let it through
ELSE apply strict spam checks.

I'd really like to add
OR in reply to some lkml message, but as as Message-id: is left
untouch when the mail is forwarded (probably a good thing) that
doesn't seem to be possible.

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