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SubjectRe: incorrect taint of ndiswrapper

i apologize for being bothering you twice in three days but i was
wondering whether someone has found reason why ndiswrapper does not load
on 2.6.19-rc2-mm2.

NOTE: it seems to be related to tainting

I try to resume a bit:

__create_workqueue undefined symbol
queue_work undefined symbol

After patching modules.c to remove tainting of ndiswrapper i got to load
it without problems but it doesnt seem a modules.c problem (those
symbols are EXPORT_GPL since at least 2.6.18), modules.c and workqueue.c
are as of 2.6.16 kernel.

Is there any new ?

If i can tell my user opinion about tainting is that it s...cks in
general, dont know any case in which it fits something, i mean in life
not just linux kernel.
One who uses ndiswrapper doest it at his own risk, a developer or
debugger can manage...
And the blacklist hardcoded in modules.c, as someone used to say couple
days ago, seems really hard to carry on !

THanks to anyone who will find time to show me the light,

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