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SubjectRe: HPET : Legacy Routing Replacement Enable - 3rd try.
On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 02:20:22PM -0700, Om Narasimhan wrote:
> I tested against five different bioses (some with 8132, some with
> CK-804 ..etc) and I observed three different patterns.
> 1. HW is LRR capable, HPET ACPI it is 1, timer interrupt is on INT2.
> Before the fix: Linux cannot get timer interrupts on INT0, goes for ACPI
> timer.

What ACPI timer? I don't think we have any fallback for int 0.

Not sure what you mean with INT2. Pin2 on ioapic 0 perhaps?

> After the fix : Works fine. This is according to hpet spec.

On what exact motherboard was that?

> To handle case 3, I removed all references to acpi_hpet_lrr, explained
> this case in the code and decided to solely rely on the command line
> parameter for LRR capability. Rational for this approach is ,

This means the systems which you said fixes this would need the command
line parameter to work?

> 1. At present, there are not many BIOSes which implement LRR (correctly)
> 2. People would see the bootup message (MP-BIOS bug...) if LRR is
> enabled and no timer interrupt on INT0. They can pass the hpet_lrr=1
> to make everything work fine.
> Is it the right approach?

Generally we try to work everywhere without command line parameter
unless something is terminally broken.
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