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SubjectRE: Hardware Problem - Asus A8N-VM CSM
> > The problem. 2 out of the 4 sees all 4 gigs of ram. The other 2 see 
> > only 2.8 gigs of ram. And it's hardware related because in the bios
> > setup the ones that show 2.8 show it in the bios.
> >
> > The motherboards were not prchased at the same time. All have
> > different brands of ram. And the processors are different.
> > The 2 that don't see all the ram are the newest ones.
> >
> > I tried swapping ram between one that saw 2.8 gigs and one
> > that saw 4 gigs and the problem stays with the motherboard.
> > I haven't yet swapped out the processors.
> >
> > So - I'm a little stumped. Can someone point me in the
> > right direction?

Usually, missing memory comes from the PCI I/O hole, or the
IOMMU/AGP/framebuffer overlays. Does your BIOS have an
options for creating a memory hole or hoisting memory? If
so, are the settings between the 4G machines different from
the 2.8G machines?

Also, do you have an IOMMU aperture enabled and if so, how

Are there any hardware differences between the systems, like
different AGP or PCI graphics cards?

> Answering my own question perhaps. Could it be related to
> whether or not the processor is a "revision e" chip?

Possibly, but I'd expect the RevE parts to see more DRAM than
the earlier parts.

-Mark Langsdorf
AMD, Inc.

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