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SubjectRe: incorrect taint of ndiswrapper
Thierry Vignaud wrote:

>David Weinehall <> writes:
>>>>Personally I feel that no matter if they are legal or not, we
>>>>should not cater to such drivers in the first place. If it's
>>>>trickier to use Windows API-drivers under Linux than to write a
>>>>native Linux driver, big deal... We don't want Windows-drivers.
>>>>We want native drivers.
>>>Neither taint nor _GPL are intended to stop people doing things
>>>that, in the eyes of the masses, are stupid. The taint mark is
>>>there to ensure that they don't harm the rest of us. The FSF view
>>>of freedom is freedom to modify not freedom to modify in a manner
>>>approved by some defining body.
>>Hence my use of the world "Personally". It's my own opinion that we
>>shouldn't support Windows API-drivers. I don't think this has
>>anything to do with the FSF view on freedom. This has to do with
>>the freedom to make a sound technical decision.
>and your freedom to do whatever you want at home isn't restricted by
>the tainting.
In fact it is now, because ndiswrapper doesnt load on 2.6.19.
The fact: there's a lot of people who are not gonna be using his wlan
unless they are able to modify the sources.
I wouldnt forget that ndiswrapper is a tool which solves problems. Linux
diffusion is affected by compatibility issues.
I really cant see the benefit for Linux in stop supporting windows NDIS
drivers...there's a lot of hardware which works only by that.

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