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SubjectRe: 2.6.19-rc2 and very unstable NTP

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, wrote:

> > Did you ask the author? It would really help to have more specific
> > information here, e.g. what kernel interfaces are actually used in this
> > configuration.
> Er... I thought I *was* asking the authors of the Linux kernel/time*
> code.
> If you're deeply suspiscious of a simple device driver, with publicly
> available code, that adds timestamping to the handling of DCD changed
> events from the serial ports, and exports those timestamps to user space,
> I can remove it. The Acutime 2000 can timestamp pulses sent to it
> (via the RTS line), so I can get sub-microsecond time measurements anyway.

I don't have this hardware, so I can only guess and the less information I
get the broader I have to guess. Sorry, but currently I don't have the
time to go on such a broad hunt. Someone familiar with this code should a
far easier time localizing the problem. It's not just kernel driver, there
is also lot of code in user space which converts the data to time
adjustments. There is also more than one way to adjust time, so I need
more specific information about what is happening and what is expected to

bye, Roman
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