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SubjectRe: Frustrated with Linux, Asus, and nVidia, and AMD
On 2006-10-25, Marc Perkel wrote:
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> Ok - I had a bad day today struggling with hardware. Having said that
> I'm somewhat frustrated with the lack of progress of Linux getting it
> right with Asus, nVidia, and AMD processors right.
> I still have to run pci=nommconf to keep the server from locking up.
> That's with both 939 pin and AM2 motherboards.

Please, read down this thread:
And this one may be relevant:

Maybe will give some clue about soft-"hardware".

> This bug remains unresolved:
> So what's up with the no progress?

If you are only one using that hardware and experiencing
bugs, then you are on your own.
OTOH, many would help if more hardware information and erratas will be
*actually published*.

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