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    SubjectRe: stopping a process during a timer interrupt
    * Kay Tiong Khoo | 2006-10-17 18:18:25 [+0800]:

    >On a timer interrupt, I tried to stop the current process by changing
    >it's run state to TASK_STOPPED via set_current_state(TASK_STOPPED).
    >However, this results in a system hang.
    >I can't find a way to stop the current process during an interrupt
    >context. Does such code exist in the kernel? If not, how does one go
    >about implementing it from within a kernel module.

    Take a look at some driver implementations!
    There you will find some ways how to put a process into a sleep state.

    Grep for "*->state*TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE" and take also a look at the
    interaction with schedule() and spinlocks.

    >Kay Tiong

    Best regards

    Hagen Pfeifer
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