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    SubjectRe: Can context switches be faster?
    Andreas Mohr wrote:
    > OK, so since we've now amply worked out in this thread that TLB/cache flushing
    > is a real problem for context switching management, would it be possible to
    > smartly reorder processes on the runqueue (probably works best with many active
    > processes with the same/similar priority on the runqueue!) to minimize
    > TLB flushing needs due to less mm context differences of adjacently scheduled
    > processes?
    > (i.e. don't immediately switch from user process 1 to user process 2 and
    > back to 1 again, but always try to sort some kernel threads in between
    > to avoid excessive TLB flushing)

    It does. The kernel will (slightly) prefer to switch between two
    threads sharing an address space over switching to a different address
    space. (Hm, at least it used to, but I can't see where that happens now.)

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