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Subjectdo_IRQ:No irq handler for vector (was 2.6.19-rc1-mm1)
Andrew Morton wrote:

Seeing some strange behavior on my box with 2.6.19-rc1-mm1 on Fedora
Core 5. (This also has my sata_nv ADMA patch applied, but I doubt it is
related.) About 30 seconds or so after I finish logging into X, I get this:

do_IRQ: 0.105 No irq handler for vector

and then shortly thereafter, my USB keyboard/mouse start acting
strangely - keypresses get missed or doubled somehow, and mouse clicks
don't register. Also, on my first bootup attempt, it hardlocked the box
at this point.

2.6.19-rc1 and 2.6.18-mm3 (both also with the sata_nv ADMA patch) don't
seem to have this problem.

Full dmesg is attached.

Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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