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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.18 V7] drivers: add lcd display support
On 10/1/06, Stefan Richter <> wrote:
> LCD is in Spanish, as in German, a foreign term. But still, its D is
> carrying the meaning of "display" or its native equivalent. ("Display"
> itself is even in common use in Spain, Germany, and many other
> countries.) In German, "display" may be translated to "Anzeige",
> "Bildschirm", "Display", "Monitor"; and any of "LCD-Anzeige",
> "LCD-Bildschirm", "LCD-Display", "LCD-Monitor" would be bad style.
> ("LCD-Display" would clearly be the worst of all, because one could
> argue that a display is just a part of a monitor, thus "LCD monitor" is
> arguably less redundant than "LCD display"...)

I'm not saying it is the right way, just I'm saying which is the
common way to say it in Spanish: We say "LCD" as "pantalla LCD"; and
althought "pantalla" means "display", it is more expressive that way.
We use "LCD" as a kind of display.

Yeah, we should use "pantalla LC", but we don't. However, in formal
written language, you should write just "LCD", like in English,
because it is wrong such "pantalla LCD".

Whatever. The point is that in English "LCD Display" is bad.
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