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SubjectRe: [patch 2/2] add x86-64 support for memory hot-add
On Monday 09 January 2006 16:21, Matt Tolentino wrote:
> Add x86-64 specific memory hot-add functions, Kconfig options,
> and runtime kernel page table update functions to make
> hot-add usable on x86-64 machines. Also, fixup the nefarious
> conditional locking and exports pointed out by Andi.

I'm trying to stabilize my tree for the 2.6.16 submission right now
and this one comes a bit too late and is a bit too involved
to slip through - sorry. I will consider it after Linus
has merged the whole batch of changes for 2.6.16 - so hopefully
in 2.6.17.

> +/*
> + * Memory hotplug specific functions
> + * These are only for non-NUMA machines right now.

How much work would it be to allow it for NUMA kernels too?

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