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SubjectRe: git pull on Linux/ACPI release tree
On 1/9/06, Brown, Len <> wrote:
> Perhaps the tools should try to support what "a lot of people"
> expect, rather than making "a lot of people" do extra work
> because of the tools?

I think it does. All the tricky stuff that David and Junio have been
discussing is actually done very transparently by

git-rebase <upstream>

Now, git-rebase uses git-format-patch <options> | git-am <options> so
it sometimes has problems merging. In that case, you can choose to
either resolve the problem (see the doco for how to signal to git-am
that you've resolved a conflict) or to cancel the rebase. If you
choose to cancel the rebase, do

cp .git/refs/heads/{<headname>,<headnamebadrebase>}
cat .git/HEAD_ORIG > .git/refs/heads/<headname>
git-reset --hard
rm -fr .dotest

and you'll be back to where you started. Perhaps this could be rolled
into something like git-rebase --cancel to make it easier, but that's
about it. The toolchain definitely supports it.


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