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SubjectRe: State of the Union: Wireless
Am Freitag 06 Januar 2006 12:46 schrieb Dominik Brodowski:

> From someone who has no idea at all (yet) about 802.11: why character
> device, and not sysfs or configfs files? Like

sysfs shares the main problem with wireless extensions: It configures one
value per file / per ioctl. Setting up a wireless card to associate or form
an IBSS network consists of multiple parameters, many requiring the card to

With hardware like prism2 usb that gets "don't touch me now mode" for a while
after a join command is issued, current API requires a driver to delay
starting an association in order to wait if other config requests are issued
- an ugly hack.

I vote for netlink. It's a defined and tested interface and has all features
needed to set multiple values in one transaction.

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