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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: keyboard driver of 2.6 kernel
>> > Let's pretend it's some sort of auditing ;-)
>> Actually, I use my keylogger (advertised above) more for "situation
>> reconstruction" rather than spying. When you happen to have a multi-root
>> environment and people "forget what they did", stuff like ttyrpld can
>> really be a gift compared to .bash_history (if it exists, after all).
> If one needs it a bit less intrusive, she can also patch bash. A possible
> solution can be found here:
> But looks indeed interesting, however no 2.4.x
> support from what I can see.

Do you really need 2.4 support? Well, after all, I can add it back, it's
not too much #defines and stuff.

Jan Engelhardt
| Alphagate Systems,
| jengelh's site,
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