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SubjectRe: [OT] ALSA userspace API complexity

On 2006-01-06, at 01:29, Martin Drab wrote:

> Because as much as we all don't like it, it is
> a realistic fact. There's just NO WAY you can responsibly say about
> any
> piece software, that it is completely error free.

You would be for example surprised to see how complex the software
controlling the breaks
of a reasonable modern car turns out to be... This is just a
technical example running contrary
to your "wisdom". In numerical computations you can find reasonable
amounts of software
which is precisely just that - bug free. There are mathematical
proofs running for hundreds of pages,
which are just valid. Do you think this kind of guys doesn't ever sit
down and write
some piece of software to help out well for example in determining
some aerodynamics of a plane?
Are you assuming this kind of applications is trivial and by virtue
of a natural law bug ridden?

And by the way: the zero program which has nothing to do is bug free.

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