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SubjectRe: [2.6 patch] schedule obsolete OSS drivers for removal
Lee Revell wrote:
> Edgar Toernig wrote:
> > Lee Revell wrote:
> > >
> > > If it does not Just Work it's a bug and we need to hear about it.
> >
> > So then: xawtv4 (dvb-app) works with hw:0 but not with 1.0.9's dmix default.
> > It works with /dev/dsp1 (usb-speakers) but not with /dev/dsp0 (atiixp ac'97).
> > vdr's softdevice (another dvb-app) works with dmix-default but not with hw:0.
> Come on, this is LKML, you should know that "it doesn't work" is not a
> useful bug report.

xawtv4 with dmix is just silent and aborts when its queue of outstanding pcm
data is filled up.

Trying to use /dev/dsp0 starts fine for a fraction of a second but then
either stays silent or stutters until its audio-queue overflows again.

With vdr its similar: when using hw:0 it only stutters (and fills the log
with xrun errors). I had a short look once - it uses a very small buffer
(iirc about 4kb) and gets constant underruns which it tries to handle
via prepare-something but it's unable to recover. With dmix it works fine,
probably because of the bigger mixing buffer.

> Sure, maybe badly written apps but there must be something wrong if so
> many developers have problems with Alsa. I've even resigned to grok
> the config files :-(

Ciao, ET.
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