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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix workqueue oops during cpu offline
On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 15:58 +1000, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
> Hi.
> On Thursday 05 January 2006 14:58, Nathan Lynch wrote:
> > With 2.6.15, powerpc systems oops when cpu 0 is offlined. This is a
> > regression from 2.6.14, caused by commit id
> > bce61dd49d6ba7799be2de17c772e4c701558f14 ("Fix hardcoded cpu=0 in
> > workqueue for per_cpu_ptr() calls").
> So it's valid on ppc for cpu 0 to be taken offline? IIRC, trying that on my P4
> a while back did nothing. I think you'll find other places that assume that
> cpu 0 is always up (swsusp? ... I should check suspend2).

It's bogus, cpu0 can be put offline.


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