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Subjectkernel 2.6.x on IBM thin client 8363

I would like to run a 2.6.x kernel on a IBM thin client 8363. There are
patches available for the 2.4 series of kernels.
I had a look on these patches and the only thing they do is to expand
the kernel commandline size to 512 Bytes and a change in
arch/i386/kernel/head.S that changed the pointer to the commandline to a
fixed address.

In the 2.4.kernel the kernel parameter and command line are ,,moved out
of the way'' in two steps. And the second step is the one that get patched.
In the 2.6 kernel this is done in one step. I did get an explanation of
the startup code for the 2.4. kernel but not for the 2.6. I believe that
it is no problem to make the changes to get the IBM 8363 running.

I have seen that some people use this machine but all what use the
newest kernel.

If someone could help me to understand what is going on in the startup
code or may have a ready to use solution for this problem it would be
very nice if you could help with get it running.

Hans-Juergen Lange
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