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    SubjectRe: UDP fragments >27208 bytes lost with ne2k-pci on DP83815 (was Re: persistent nasty hang in sync_page killing NFS (ne2k-pci / DP83815-related?), i686/PIII)
    On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 05:31:24PM +0000, Nix wrote:
    > ... you are quite right. I'm mounting with an rsize and wsize of 32768
    > (i.e., the default negotiated between a recent Linux NFS client and
    > kernel server), and, completely consistently, 31504 bytes are sent and
    > *only 27208 bytes are received*. This is so consistent that there's no
    > way that this could be due to network congestion (unless it's getting
    > jammed up inside the receiving NIC or something: it's an NE2K card and
    > they're rather crap so maybe the card is just too slow: my determination
    > to replace the card has just gone up a notch. But nonetheless if it was
    > getting lost by the card I'd see TCP retransmissions, which `netstat -s'
    > assures me I do not).
    > This explains why I don't see a problem with DNS: the number of DNS
    > packets >27208 bytes can be counted on the fingers of one foot.
    > Captures are available, but I gathered about half a minute's traffic
    > so they're quite large (1Mb apiece).
    > Tim? Any ideas? Is anyone else with this card seeing this problem?

    I've never heard anything like that. I don't have many of these cards
    around, but Cobalt shipped tens of thousands, and I don't hear of anything
    resembling this.

    odd indeed.
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