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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sysfs attributes for xen
On Fri, Jan 27, 2006 at 09:20:11PM -0500, Mike D. Day wrote:
> Creates /sys/hypervisor/xen and populates that dir with xen version,
> changeset, compilation, and capabilities info. Intended for the xen merge
> tree and later upstream.
> # HG changeset patch
> # User mdday@dual.silverwood.home
> # Node ID 9a9f2a5f087c97186bd43561b90f30510413a3e2
> # Parent 2e82fd7a69212955b75c6adaed4ae2a58ae45399
> add /sys/hypervisor/xen to sysfs and populate with xen version attributes.
> signed-off-by: Mike D. Day <ncmike@us.ibmcom>

"Signed-off-by:" please.

Also, a valid email address is required here.

> diff -r 2e82fd7a6921 -r 9a9f2a5f087c
> linux-2.6-xen-sparse/arch/xen/kernel/Makefile
> --- a/linux-2.6-xen-sparse/arch/xen/kernel/Makefile Fri Jan 27 11:48:32
> 2006
> +++ b/linux-2.6-xen-sparse/arch/xen/kernel/Makefile Fri Jan 27 14:28:42
> 2006

The patch is linewrapped, and all leading spaces were eaten by someone
for dinner.

Please try resending it in a format that can be applied.


greg k-h
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